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Why to choose asphalt tile?

How to clean indoor artificial lawn?

Now many indoor often use artificial lawn for decoration, so how to clean the simulation lawn? Let's learn about it.

Now the indoor often uses artificial lawn to decorate. On the ground, there is no glue to stick on the floor tiles on the ground. Some small parts of the wall are glued to the wall. First of all, the ground is very clean. Just roll up the lawn on the ground, and then take it to your balcony or yard. If you have a yard, you can take it to your yard and then spread it on the ground It's OK to connect the water pipe with the water pipe and wash it with water. At ordinary times, people will occasionally sprinkle some stains and oil stains on it at home. This is easy to do. Take a cloth or brush to dilute the detergent and then use a cloth or brush to wipe or brush it. Of course, when there are stains, first clean the stains, and then wash the whole lawn with water. After washing and drying the lawn, you can take it to the house.

Therefore, when the artificial lawn is cleaned, these details should be well done to ensure its good performance.