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Matters needing attention during installation and running in of artificial turf

Although the installation of artificial turf is not difficult, there are still many matters need to pay attention to, which is to ensure the construction quality of artificial turf, so that it can be smoothly put into normal use, only excellent artificial turf can be used safely.

In view of this, artificial turf must be fixed or adhered firmly during installation, so as to avoid accidents in windy season and cause unnecessary injury. And usually pay more attention to check whether the artificial lawn has warping and degumming phenomenon. Once abnormal situation is found, protection measures should be taken in time to avoid serious consequences caused by negligence.

Artificial turf needs at least two weeks to process and stabilize the grass fiber. During this period, it is recommended that all heavy equipment and unnecessary traffic vehicles should not be allowed to drive on the artificial turf. Moreover, the cleaning time should be controlled as much as possible, and at the same time, it should not be cleaned in hot weather, so as to avoid adverse effects on artificial turf.

In addition, the artificial turf filled with rubber particles, unlike natural grassland, often needs several weeks of use and weathering to achieve the ideal sports performance, which requires not only the deep weaving of fiber into the artificial turf, but also the particle filling.

Now many places use artificial turf, but there are people who worry that it will harm human health. Such worry is totally unnecessary. As long as it is a regular large manufacturers to buy artificial turf, are made of environmentally friendly materials, so it is very safe.

The main raw materials of artificial turf are PP and PE. These raw materials have passed strict quality inspection and are non-toxic and pollution-free, and many testing standards have reached international standards, which will not have any impact on human body. And artificial turf can also be very effective in preventing bacteria from propagating, so the bacteria on artificial lawn are still relatively small.

In addition, artificial turf can also prevent people and the ground directly touch, also can be very good for soil protection. Therefore, no matter from which aspect, artificial lawn is relatively safe.